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Weekend Links Post

It’s Friday!  As we sometimes do, today we’re sharing a few articles we read this week: 

  • The Toronto Star published a round-up of letters to the news source demanding better coverage of women’s sports.
  • After a Cardinals’ radio ad depicted the team’s fanbase as all-male, the Fearless Leader over at A Blog of Their Own wrote the station…and got positive results!
  • Via Title IX Blog, the University of Maryland has cut competitive cheer as a sport.  That’s a huge bummer; we know two young women who cheer, and they are both athletes if we’ve ever seen one.
  • Fit and Feminist discusses her experiences with the slang term “chicked,” that is, when a woman outperforms a man in physical activity where “normally” a man “should” outperform a woman.  A good reminder that the personal is political.
  • An update to Lydia’s post about sexual assaults at the University of Montana: the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, who is responsible for enforcing Title IX, has filed a complaint against the University.  (Via Title IX Blog)

Have a great weekend!


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