Let the Games Begin!

In late 2011, Lydia approached Sara with an idea: what if we started a blog that dealt with feminism and sports from a different perspective than everything else out there?  We both love reading sports blogs and feminism blogs, but the two only intersect when there’s a particularly newsworthy event.  We’re big sports fans – we both follow certain teams religiously – and so we know that the two areas intersect every day.  We cheered on Chelsea Baker as she knuckled through rosters; we cringed when the national media ignored Rays pitcher Josh Leuke’s despicable sexual misconduct; we didn’t understand how a magazine like Good, which is dedicated to social causes, could publish an article attacking a woman just for liking sports.  As we kept emailing back and forth, we realized that no blog was solely devoted to discussing these stories.  We aim to do that here.

Inevitably, certain topics will be covered more than others.  We both love baseball as our primary sport.  Lydia supports New York teams (Mets/Knicks/Giants/Rangers) and Sara loves all things Boston (Sox/Celts/Pats/Bruins), and we both have other teams that we follow as a salute to where we attended college (Twinkies/Cards).  Our predilection for baseball won’t stop us from covering anything related to gender in other sports, but you can be sure we’ll be on top of all of the baseball news.

We also want to put our money where our mouths are: neither one of us has ever tried to support women’s sports, and we want to use this blog as a platform to do so.  You can expect us at NY Liberty games (basketball in the summer?!), in attendance at the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Ladies’ Clinic, and at the U.S. Open supporting grunting in women’s tennis.

Finally, you can expect commentary on what it’s like to be a female sports fan.  Commercials aired during sporting events are overwhelmingly geared towards men, even though statistics show that more than 1/3 of the audience of major sporting events is female.  We’ve both had our team loyalties questioned by men who assume that women are only fair-weather fans.  Trust us, it’s not true – Sara still loved the Red Sox in 2003 after Aaron Effing Boone hit that home run off of Wake, and Lydia still loved the Mets in 2007…and 2008…and 2009…

Post suggestions and feedback are both always encouraged – please leave comments, email us at bloomergirlsblog@gmail.com, and follow us on Twitter at @bloomergirls.  Let the games begin!

3 comments on “Let the Games Begin!

  1. Yes! This is great! Already added to my google reader – so happy this happening!

  2. While sports journalism lacks female voices I think the sports blog world is especially in need. I’m excited to read what you two have to say. Go T-Wolves!

  3. “There’s no crying in baseball”

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